Ep. 209 How To Be Charming and Seductive With Women

What the hell does it mean to be charming and how exactly does one become charming? You see tons of other men charming the pants off of other women (literally) but you just can’t seem to do it yourself.

This week we dive into what it means to be charming and HOW to be charming. It’s much easier than you think!

Our guests Dave Hine and Kelsey Ale help define why women find charming men so attractive and how you can easily become charming.

On this episode we also over analyze:

How to go from hello to making out with a woman in under 30 seconds

Signs she’s interested

How to create sexual tension

How to start a conversation that sparks attraction

How to approach and talk to shy girls

How to read a shy girls signals

How to express confidence vs. neediness

How to appear cool to women

Plus so much more!!!

Guests: Dave Hine, Kelsey Ale

To get a copy of the book I was reading during this show go here: www.winggirlmethod.com/richardr

Marni highly recommends this book and thinks it provides great instructions on how to seduce women correctly!

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