Podcast [Ep. 195] Tips On Selecting Mates, Dates and “F” Buddies

To be honest, we didn’t know what to label this podcast because our guest covered SOOOOOO many different topics. But the biggest theme throughout the show was exploring differences and how to decide your type and what is best for you when selecting mates, dates and casual partners.



We discuss:

1. How to eliminate false beliefs and recognize excuses that are stopping you from getting what you want

2. How women think (multi task) and how it applies to sex

3. How womens brains are different

4. How to help a woman get out of her head

5. How to bring up sticky topics with women i.e. too fat, bad breath, smell down there

6. How to spot a flake or ghoster

7. How to be better on the phone

8. how to handle differences with those you date and when to know when/if you are just to different.

9. how to identify your “type”

10. How to know if you are too different and when to call it quits

11. Great openers and topics

And tons more!

Guests: Sam Tripoli

This was a really fun episode and I promise you won’t be disappointed when you listen!

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Dating and relationship advice from men from a female point of view!

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