Where To Meet Women & Kissing Tips, Tricks and Definite Don’ts [Episode 179 Ask Women]

First, I want to apologize for last weeks show. I had a ton of people write in about it and I wanted to address it.

The truth is that there really isn’t a need to apologize because it was still a pretty good show, it just wasn’t as organized as our usual shows… I mean, I wasn’t there to control it 😉

Kristen did her best to pull out good information for you to hear and if you really listen, there were some gems shared.

We are going to have that Dr. back on the show when I can be in studio to really press him for good answers.

Now that, that’s out of the way… On this weeks episode of The Ask Women Podcast, we had a full room of awesome guests diving deep into 2 key topics:

Places to meet women AND How to kiss a woman so that she’ll want to kiss you again.

Check out this weeks episode of The Ask Women Podcast to find out:

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askwomenlogo_fin_squareAs I said, the studio was full of awesome people like director/actor Alex Beh, a guy Marni met on a plane 8 years ago. Libby De Leon who Marni met randomly through a common contact…. AND a British guy that Kristen met on Tinder and has continued dating.

Not only did we do a deep dive into the topics listed above we also discussed:

– When to approach and start talking to women

– What to say when you approach and start talking to women

– The WRONG way to approach and start talking to women

– Good and bad kisses and how to give a great first kiss

– Body Language tricks and techniques and what good body language signals to women

– Examples of how to approach women online, good lines, bad lines, turn off lines

And so much more!

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Marni,Your Wing Girl

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